FLYCO Went Public in 2016
In the evening of April 18, 2016, the grand THANK YOU Party of FLYCO Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. was held in Shanghai, known as the Oriental Pearl, to celebrate its going public. All seats at the party are occupied by eminent guests toasting to each other. About 360 distinguished guests, including leaders from governmental organizations and intermediary agencies, and representatives of dealers and suppliers and top management staff of FLYCO, toasted together in celebration, to congratulate FLYCO on this important milestone moment.

After 17 years of relentless efforts, FLYCO has become China’s leading brand of personal care appliances. FLYCO formed the competitive edge to contend with foreign-funded brands. Its landing at the capital market has provided new opportunities and explored new prospects for the subsequent development of FLYCO, which is of milestone importance in the company development history. We will grasp this opportunity at the time of going public, continue to focus on personal care appliances and smart home appliances, with “R&D” and “brand operation” as the two core competitive powers. Our goal is to construct a harmonious and win-win eco-industry chain, to further satisfy consumers’ demands, improve consumers’ life quality, and make FLYCO an international famous brand of smart and fashionable electrical appliances.
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